Scarlet Ranger


Issue #1

When a cyber terrorist threatens Royal city, a brilliant, young engineer finds himself in a battle for the City, his family, and an inheritance left to him by his grandfather. This is a story about family and how we find ourselves while honoring the traditions and legacies that came before us.

Issue #2

*Spoiler Alert*

Issue 2 opens up where we left off in issue 1. Scarlet Ranger finds himself fighting a mysterious swordsman who is hellbent on killing him. While the issue is packed with action, there is also a bit of a mystery that Deon must unravel, sparked by the revelation that his grandfather, the original Scarlet Ranger, did not die by natural causes as he was led to believe.

This issue, we follow Deon a little bit farther into the secrets that his family, specifically his father, have been keeping from him. We meet some new characters and see some more of the world of Royal City and Scarlet Ranger!