It’s 2.30 in the morning. I’m at my warehouse job. I’m on break scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Earlier before work I told my Love tomorrow I would start writing 100 words a day until the end of the year. Well, what is it that I am waiting for?

I don’t have to wait for permission to do the thing I love. I can do the thing right here and right now. I think it’s funny: I find myself waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect circumstance. But it’s in these moments when I prove to the universe who I am and what I want.

When I’m tired. When I’m at a job I don’t like and my mind is telling me “you can wait until tomorrow.” But this is when I prove my words.

My greatest weakness is lack of self discipline. More often than not I break commitments. I break the ones I make to myself. No one knows but me and God. And those are the worst ones to break.

This is where change starts.

100 words.


From now to Dec 31st.

Who knows what will happen with these words. Who knows what these words will be. Maybe they will be poetry, or fiction, or essays, or all the above. Who knows?

And therein lies the beauty…