I love writing because there are no limits to what I can create. If i can dream it, I can write it. For me, there are few joys greater than when I have an outrageous idea for a story or character or setting or all the above and then write it out on the page; the feeling is priceless.

The only limits are the ones I create for myself.

But I have discovered that there are rules to writing. I call them the unwritten commandments of writing. These commandments aren’t talked about often. Or maybe I should say I don’t hear them as often as I think we should. I wish someone would have shared these commandments with me when I was a young writer. Maybe it would have changed how I thought about the craft of writing.

The unwritten commandments of writing are simple: WRITE and FINISH.

1. Write

The first commandment that all writers must follow is that you must write.

As a writer, if you are to be called a writer, you should write. No ifs, ands, or buts. In basketball there is a saying: “Shooters gonna shoot”. Well, I would like commandeer this concept and apply it to the craft of writing. “Writers gonna write.”

Writing, for writers, is everything. It is the air we breathe, the sun on our faces, and the nourishment we need for our souls. Writers need writing to live. It is how we stay sharp; it is how we improve our craft. Writing is how contribute to society. Writing is all, for us.

“writers gonna write.”

2. Finish
The second commandment is to finish.

When I was a child I can’t tell you how many stories I started; they are innumerable. When I said I was writing, I meant I was starting a new story, only to hate the idea so that I could start a new one.

I wish someone had instilled in me this commandment. to be a writer, you not only start writing, but you also finish writing. because as we learned in grade school, writing is rewriting; if you never finish, how can you rewrite?

finish what you start!

I am committed to writing and finishing. Maybe I am being too rigid. But for me, as I have incorporated these mantras into my thinking it has helped me to adjust my thinking when it comes to writing and how I can continue to improve my craft.

Let me know in the comments!!!!

Do you have any written or unwritten commandments of writing?



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