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Ro Lamb is an avid storyteller, who believes in inspiring others through creativity. Ro is a Poet, Author, and Musician. His finished works include a collection of poetry called “Shattered Theories of I” and a EP called “Love Is My Religion.”

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“Working with Ro was seamless. It was as if he knew exactly what i needed without much explanation. I told him my problem, he gave me an answer within minutes. Everyone loves my book cover & i owe it all to him”

Ifie Natasha

I just started a new business venture & really wanted to get my hands on a few books that could help motivate & inspire me, but I had no idea where/how to of about finding relevant material.

Ro & I linked up and he was only one able to make relevant recommendations base on what I told him I was looking for in record timing, but also helped me narrow down my mission & brainstormed marketing ideas with me. It felt like our messing was literally a God send!

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help finding relevant material &/or need hep brainstorming or bouncing your business ideas off of.

Za St. Germain